Champ Co

Champ is on a mission to transcend everyday product design from the ordinary to the extraordinary with playful imagination. We have fun without hurting the planet by bringing good design and sustainability together. We instigate meaningful connection in humble ways.

Founded by architect and product designer Lauren Steller in 2015, Champ is all about exploring infinite play in everyday functions. Finite play tells us there are rules to follow but infinite play asks us to step beyond the boundaries and see what happens next.


We do this by creating tableware and jewellery that happily serve their primary function with flair, such as protecting your in-the-family-for-three-generations coffee table from a hot drink, but also serve as pieces in a larger game that we invite you to play. Our trivets moonlight as geometric puzzle pieces, our tea towels become board games, together they’re unconventional dinner table ice breakers that facilitate a very, very good time.


Our range is proudly Melbourne made with a focus on sustainability. We know there is already a lot of stuff in this world, so we create with long lasting intent. Our products are made from durable, recycled rubber. We’re resourceful, innovative and our endorphins run high when our waste levels are low. We create objects that encourage you to think with flexibility. We even make washing the dishes fun.


For us good design is an opportunity to excite, educate and discover the freedom that comes when we play without rules.