Finerrings Star Studded Hoops

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You will want to add these stunning Star Studded Hoops to your jewellery collection.
Made from 14k gold vermeil
Hypoallergenic contains no copper, nickel or brass 
Latch type closure, super easy to flick open and closed - total hoop dimension is 16mm


Gold Vermeil jewellery is made by first creating the base of the item from Sterling Silver, followed by plating it with a thick layer of gold. At FinerRings we use the thickest coating available of 14K solid gold to coat our silver base. This means our Gold Vermeil pieces will stay yellow for around 6 months, as long as the recommended care instructions are followed.


Gold Vermeil wont rust or make your skin green, but with age and wear the silver base will eventually be exposed. To give your vermeil pieces the longest life they should be taken off before showering, swimming and exercising.

To clean gold vermeil, dip a lint-free cloth in a bowl of water with gentle liquid detergent and gently wipe your jewellery piece. We don’t recommend polishing your vermeil jewellery as this process can rub off the layer of gold, revealing the silver underneath.

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