Didgeridoonas Sportsman Oilskin Gun Bag

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Sportsman Bag

It’s surprising how many hobbies involve long, narrow objects. Still, if your hobby matches that description, this Sportsman Bag might suit you. From firearms to fishing rods, bats to clubs, they’ll benefit from the protection. The bag is made from weatherproof Australian oilskin, and padded with Australian wool to keep the insides safe and dry.

The bag opens with a zip that runs on the long edge, so it’s easy to get into. To make carrying it easy, there’s an adjustable shoulder strap and two handles. To finish it all off, there’s a zip pocket on the front for any smaller accessories you might want to have with you.


  • Weatherproof, Australian oilskin to protect your equipment from the wet.
  • Zip opening runs the length of the bag so it’s very easy to get into.
  • Fully padded and insulated with Australian wool: you won’t have to worry about bumps or extreme temperatures.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and two carry handles to make transporting easy.
  • Front zip pocket for any accessories you might need.

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