HumphreyLaw Wool/Bamboo Socks - Denim Blue

HumphreyLaw Wool/Bamboo Socks - Denim Blue

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Both wool and bamboo-rayon are renewable fibres, wool comes straight off the sheep’s back, bamboo cane is chemically treated to produce a bamboo-rayon yarn. (Bamboo-rayon is the technically correct description of the yarn used in all bamboo clothing products.) The combination of bamboo-rayon and wool is ideal for socks. The wool provides warmth, insulation and resilience, and the bamboo rayon provides strength, moisture absorbency and abrasion resistance. Suitable for year-round wear.

Contents: 49% Wool, 47% Bamboo-Rayon, 3.5% Nylon, 0.5% Lycra.

Size: Small, Medium and Large




3 - 8 Ladies

4.5 - 7 Men's


8 - 11 Ladies

7 - 10 Men's

Large 10 - 13 Men's

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