Elk Boden snood - Ice Fleck

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For a subtle wardrobe winner, our Boden Snood is a winter must-have. An endless loop scarf with a knitted cross-stitch pattern, the yarn has a subtle 'ice fleck' throughout for added interest and is easy to throw on over each of your outfits for a stylish and effortless way to add warmth.


72% Cotton (Organic), 22% Merino Wool & 6% Silk

This textured knit fabric has a patterned effect and a warm, cosy feel. Cotton offers a breathability and slight structure to the garment, while Merino Wool keeps you warm and silk provides a luxurious finish. Certified Organic Cotton is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, hazardous pesticides or genetically engineered seed, which protects biodiversity and waterways and builds and maintains soil fertility. Cotton is a naturally renewable and biodegradable fibre. The Cotton in this garment is sourced from India.


This is a one-size, continuous loop scarf which is super easy to throw on over the top of any outfit for quick, easy warmth. The continuous loop style requires no knotting or tying to secure.

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