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Learn more about my favourite home fragrance brand Ecoya, from their story through to their craftmanship process, you will gain a greater appreciation for their Australian Made candles and diffusers.



Our Story

Australasia has been our home from the beginning and this distinctly Australasian character is both our heritage and at the heart of everything we do today.

The name ECOYA was born from two words: ecological (the environment) and soya (soy bean being the base of all of our waxes).

The respect for nature, whether looking for fragrance inspiration or unearthing quality, earth-friendly materials, like natural soy wax, is what we are made from.

Crafted from natural soy wax with unique fragrances and 100% cotton wicks, ECOYA candles blend luxuriousness with that respect for nature.

Our candles create significantly less carbon emissions than the paraffin counterparts, offering a burn time up to a third longer.

Today, ECOYA has grown into one of Australasia’s leading fragrance houses, securing a place in the global market with a reputation for quality products and for exporting the beauty of our region, worldwide.


Our Narrative

Rainforests and lake shores; there’s always a place to pause. The quiet and thriving wrapped by coastlines both calming and contouring. This rich tapestry is what we were born from and continue to be inspired by. For us, Australasia is a world within the world and ECOYA makes our world at home in yours.


Our Natural Story

Renowned for our natural soy wax candles, offering the most luxurious home fragrance experience is what we were born from.

Crafted from natural soy wax, derived from soybeans, and pure lead free 100% cotton wicks, ECOYA candles blend luxuriousness with that respect for nature.

ECOYA candles burn longer, cooler and cleaner than a comparable paraffin candle. Natural waxes produces about a tenth of the soot produced by a paraffin candle and does not contain any of the toxic chemicals.

Our natural focus also extends to our bodycare collection, using the best botanical bases of macadamia, coconut and almond oils with rich vitamin E and free from parabens, propylene glycol, silicone and artificial colours.


Our Artisan & Craftmanship

Around 60 ingredients go into each new formulation and getting the elements just right is a delicate balance between creativity and science.

Our experts are engrossed in and inspired by, the world around them, from abstract ideas to interiors, culture to fashion trends, always with an Australasian edge.

We take our time creating, formulating in the lab, and rigorously testing products before they find their way into homes around the world.

We’re endlessly inspired by the inherent beauty and intrigue of our Australasian environment and the scent that lies within, and we’re always working on new ways to bring this to life.

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