Bush Business Spotlight – The Dirranbandi Post Office

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It's time for you to get to know our town and the local bush businesses within it!

I’d like to introduce you to Gary and Alison a husband and wife team, who run the Dirranbandi Post office.

The post office is the lifeline for many people in regional areas and we are lucky that Gary and Alison, bring knowledge from several walks of life to the table.

  • They are experienced business owners, running a pharmacy in another small country town prior to purchasing our local post office
  • Not only do they take mail in, Gary ensures it reaches the next destination of either St. George or Thallon hitting the road at 6am each weekday
  • There is more than just postage on offer, you can buy everything from a puzzle to an air fryer, diamond art to doorstops, and your favourite chocolates, books and magazines.
  • Does Dirranbandi have a bank? Unfortunately, not, but don’t worry the post office is an agent for most of the major banks and many smaller ones too!

It is for these very reasons that I feel so fortunate to have a business such as this in our tiny town. 

How do they inspire me as a business owner?

Their hard-working nature is clear to see. Garry and Alison managed to run a business whilst bringing up their own 3 children. Anyone who has tried this for themselves will understand the daily challenges that you face and see why sucessful family run operations are so inspiring.

I have so many memorable moments of my kids at in my workplace and I was interested to find out theirs...


I find my stock is often 're-merchandised or misplaced' with little hands running around, what did you have in store that your children couldn't get enough of? (Both my kids have been known from a young age to race around the store with handfuls of knickers 😳)

Before they went off to boarding school, the kids used to come in to help dust and vacuum to earn pocket money (the boys weren’t very keen …..) and our daughter (bower bird that she is) would rearrange any blingy items she liked to the back in the hope that customers wouldn’t find them …..  Oh, and they all loved the jelly beans!!


Children in places of business can often attract attention, what is your most memorable customer/child interaction anecdote? 

While still operating the pharmacy our daughter would stay in the pharmacy with us after school.  One afternoon, while she was doing her homework, we were unable to assist a ‘truckie’ who came in store and promptly got rather upset.  When she left, Allie came up to me with her notebook and said ‘Here Mummy, I took notes of what that person said to you’ and gave me a page headed ‘Crazy Truck Driver Lady’ ……. (apologies to all truckies!!!).  Who would have thought we had a junior detective in the family!!!


And lastly, despite the challenges of running business with children, what part of your business brings you the most enjoyment?

By far the best part of both our businesses has been being able to help people, whether it be packing people’s gifts into a mailing box, offering a possible health solution, or seeing the look of relief on a man’s face when you offer to gift wrap an item for their wife or girlfriend ….. Nothing beats being able to help people out, and it’s often the small things which are most appreciated!!


So there you have it, a little insight into a bush business that is vital for my own operations.

You too can make a difference. By purchasing from my business - The Linen Cupboard, you are supporting the local post office as well as many others -

  •  P­­­­­­­ostage for all orders ­­­will be purchased locally from the Dirranbandi Post Office
  • You contribute to the survival of not just my small country business, but others whom I spend my income with in the local community. These other businesses will also pass that income on by making purchases at the Dirranbandi Post Office, it has a domino effect.


And with the spotlight on postage, I have decided to offer

FREE postage
for the first 100 orders over $100.

So take advantage of this free treat.

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  • Alison is definitely the best parcel packer

    Raelyn Taylor on
  • What a beautiful story. Great perspective.

    Nikki Pulfer on

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